Company Tax: Small Business Entity, depreciation, application of losses, franking credit accounting, related party loans (Div7A), Personal Services Income, Fringe Benefits. Discretionary Trust: distributions and elections. Sole Traders and Partnerships: business or hobby, non-commercial loss rules, apportionment, contractor or employee. Small Business Tax Concessions: Prepayments, SBE Depreciation, Inventory, Offsets. Capital Gains Tax: Active Assets, concessions, exemptions, and rollovers. Employment: PAYG withholding, Superannuation obligations, Payroll Tax, WorkCover, incentives. GST: BASs, application, timing, processing. Transfer Duties. Land Tax. Fuel Tax Rebate.


Contractor or Business – we work with both. Many people chose to engage in production or the performance of services in less rigid arrangement then being an employee. They may even offer the services to public BUT they have no intention or have not considered developing the activity to become asset itself. These are Contractors. We respect those not wanting to develop the activity and work with them on mainly compliance issue BUT we exist to assist those who want to be a Business. That is, to develop the idea or operation to a valuable creation!

Structuring and funding

What structure should I operate and how should I fund? These are the two most asked questions from those considering a business. We are the people to ask first. We advise and arrange set up of all entities. We take time listening to your proposal. We are happy to do this and provide general advice before engagement. If we think that your ideas/ operation has potential and we could work together then we will offer engagement upon which we can recommend structuring and work with you in consideration of funding arrangements and preparation of the idea and figures for presentation to financial institutions if required.

Business Management

We have the resources to assist in all aspects of daily business admin requirements. We do this through the use of software and our contacts within the organisation and our partner network. The goal is always to allow the business to focus on the operational side to create more value. We work closely with many small businesses ranging from businesses with a couple of employees to businesses with a couple dozen or more. From business with multimillion dollar turnovers and their own admin departments to those that are “owner operated” can all achieve cost saving and/ or greater productivity by engaging with us to cover the “backroom” operations.


We don’t coach! We guide. The director, Tim Mason, allocates time personally to all clients. The client’s business is more then just a business. Sometimes it is the incarnation of their dreams, sometimes a way to get by, sometimes an inheritance to be received or passed on. Tim understands that a person’s business can mean many different things and sometimes it may not even be clear. The most fulfilling aspect of work for Tim is working with clients at a personal level. He has developed his business to enable automation of compliance and administrative matters to allow him time to do this. Need someone to talk things through. Talk to Tim.

Corporate Compliance

Atodaka is a registered ASIC Agent. As part of the services to companies we can lodge necessary forms for company changes and prepare the minutes and resolutions.

Development of “REALationships”

ATODAKA was established 2011, by Tim Mason to cater for those small businesses seeking a trusted professional for timely service, strategic and organizational development whilst guiding them through the “compliance maze”. ATODAKA uses accessible and flexible technologies to enable success and open the world to small businesses in Australia. With these inspirations ATODAKA was founded.

ATODAKA believe that we would be like a lucky horse to drive businesses of clients to be competitiveness and to grow smoothly and firmly.

ATODAKA strive for innovative solutions and has commitment to creating value, opportunities, and efficiencies for clients within their framework of wants and goals. Our core values are based on a ‘REALationship’ concept. ATODAKA “keeps it real” in doing business:

TRUST: We aim to be a trusted business partner. ATODAKA believes Trust is the foundation and we spend time with all new clients ensuring that Trust is there first and foremostly.

UNDERSTANDING: We provide our services upon the needs and interests of clients, by learning from client perspectives and issues which they need to be assisted and then we tailor specific services according to each client’s requirement.

COMMITMENT: We put emphasis on our role of helping clients reach their goals and will be there for clients in good times and bad.


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ATODAKA is a professional business advisory, registered as tax agent of ATO and ASIC agent.  We are energetic and professional team providing and tailoring the services in taxation and accounting based on the needs and interests of our clients. We offer four  personalized services in four themes of services;

Strategic and organizational development

We help clients in identifying effective strategies for business operation. We support clients to formulate their strategic plans, project management plans, funding management and capital expenditure and budget management strategies.

Tax agent services

We are an experiencing agent in providing a consultancy for tax compliance and planting for individuals, companies and trusts.

Accounting services

We provide advice on financial analysis and projections for better operation; a setting up of financial information system and monitoring schemes and arrange financial reports for management and compliances.

Corporate secretarial

We support in preparing ASIC annual statements, trust distributions, dividend statement.

Our target clients are small businesses in Southeast Queensland and Australia wide. Small businesses play important role in fostering economies of local and regional area and increasing many economic opportunities in a variety of sectors. We recognize the essential for supporting small businesses to be well-prepared with required compliances for business operation, to have system and structure in paces securing good administration and management, and then to be efficiency and competitiveness in markets. We believe that empowering small businesses is the way to underpin an economic development of such society and the country.


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The director identification number (director ID) requirement is now available on the new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) website. 


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